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Wake Up, Dreamer! 

From A Father to A Son

with  J. Wright Middleton & Cynthia Bellinger


STUDEO22LIVE.TV Interview with Fred Fitzgiles
Interview starts at 8:00 minutes



Support for Single Mothers

EMPOWERING NUGGETS Interview with J. Wright Middleton & Rhonda Oliver


The Mother/Daughter relationship is so critical in the life of a child because of the special bond that in a "Perfect" world, a mother and daughter should have. 

Mothers shape the lives of their daughters and give security and wisdom about life and its challenges and joys. But, what happens when that relationship is distorted? What happens when a child does not have that healthy bonding and then suddenly that mother is permanently taken out of the child's life? Who forms the very intricate, emotional stability of the child? Will she ever be whole or feel the self worth and guidance that a mother should give? How would a young girl deal with the competition, rejection and misunderstanding that clouds her relationship with her mother? 

At the age of 16, our guest was rejected by her mother for a boyfriend and a year later her mother died of AIDS. Hear how God restored her self worth and gave her insight into her mother's choices. Janelle is now a mother of sons and daughters. You will be amazed to see what only God can do in the life of a young woman when the very core and essence of her existence is shaken. 



 "...Ice Cream Kiss is phenomenal!!!!!! I encourage ALL young girls and women to read this! It will take the old covering of our thgts on love off, n bring us into a new veiw of how God meant for us to love, and how u can avoid heartache! PLEASE READ!!!! "  ~ S. Johnson

"...this book has opened my eyes to the affect that my relationships may be having on my daughter. It's a must read."  ~ C. Bryant

"....Ice Cream Kiss captured me in the first chapter. I couldn't put it down. It's such an easy read for mothers and daughters alike."  ~ M. Cooper

 "....I felt like I was right there. J. did such an awesome job. I can't wait for the next one!"  ~ R. Hossum


" Women have been suffering in silence for years and now it is our turn to stop suffering and to help other women to empower their selves.

Some of us never had the chance to say these things, some were too scared and some just did not know how to say it. This book allows women the opportunity to release the anger, the denial , the depression ,the disappointment , the fear , the guilt , the hatred, the unease and all the other emotions that they have twisted up inside their gut that that have been carrying from one place to another with them for so long. In releasing these things women can be free to love, to speak, to nurture and to grow healthy.

The authors of the stories decided to conquer their fears, share their most intimate secrets, bare their hearts and open their souls, for the hope of the readers to find peace, wholeness and forgiveness and to give back life to what was once thought as lost. "